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  • September 2006 - Nanotech BC - British Columbia Nanotechnology Alliance's website up.

  • October 1, 2005 - Province Invests $7.4m In Centre For Research At SFU - The official 4D LABS website is here.

  • August 26, 2005 - Nanotech faces large funding hurdles - An article from Business Edge on nanotechnology in BC.

  • August 2005 - Extreme Nanotechnology Complementary Education course - August 21 to 28 at Simon Fraser University.

  • October 30, 2003 - BC's Role in Nano Scale Revolution to be Debated at Vancouver Conference

  • June 9, 2003 - Top U.S. venture capital firm makes major investment in D-Wave Systems Inc.

  •  This page is designed as a gateway and reference page for nanotechnology and MEMS in BC. If you have any comments/questions feel free to email me at

    Applied Microsystems Ltd. - www.appliedmicrosystems.com
    From website: "Applied Microsystems manufactures sensors and systems for in-situ, real-time detection and measurement in water. Located in Sidney , Canada the company holds an exclusive license to commercialize the Spill-Sentry TM, a technology originally designed by the SpaWar Systems Centre, a division of the United States Navy."
    Arbutus Biopharma Corp. - www.arbutusbio.com
    From website: "A biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering, developing and commercializing a cure for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis B infection, a disease of the liver caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV)."
    Aurora NanoDevices Inc. - www.aurorand.com
    From website: "Aurora NanoDevices Inc. supplies high quality, calibration systems for atomic force microscopy imaging."
    Cealtec Products Inc. - cealdoctor.com

    D-Wave Systems Inc. - www.dwavesys.com
    From website: "D-Wave Systems Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, Canada. Our central mission is to commercialize superconducting quantum computational systems."
    GC Green Carbon Inc. - gcgreencarbon.com

    Klean Industries Inc. - kleancarbon.com

    Lumerical Solutions, Inc. - www.lumerical.com
    Lumerical's tools enable the design of photonic components, circuits and systems.
    Northwest Mettech Corp. - www.mettech.com
    Northwest Mettech Corp. is a leader in developing thermal spray technology.
    Nano One Materials Corp. - nanoone.ca
    From website: Nano One has discovered and is developing patented and scalable processing technology to make high performance energy storage materials affordable for the lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics, vehicles and industrial storage.
    Nanotech Security Corp. - nanoone.ca
    From website: Nanotech uses patented, advanced nano-optics to harness the iridescent wings of the Blue Morpho Butterfly for the world's most sophisticated authentication and brand identification feature.
    Precision MicroDynamics, Inc. - www.pmdi.com
    High-Performance motion control solutions.
    QLT Inc. - www.qltinc.com
    From website: QLT is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative ocular products that address the unmet medical needs of patients and clinicians worldwide. We are focused on developing our synthetic retinoid program for the treatment of certain inherited retinal diseases.
    Quartz Imaging Corporation - www.quartzimaging.com

    Precision Nanosystems, Inc. - www.precisionnanosystems.com
    Kits to manufacture novel nanoparticles for use in medicine and medical research.
    SmarTire Systems Inc. - www.smartire.com
    From website: "SmarTire Systems Inc. develops and markets technically advanced tire monitoring systems for the automotive and transportation industries."
    Zecotek Photonics Inc. - www.zecotek.com
    From website: "Zecotek Photonics excels at bringing innovative laser, imaging, and 3D display products to industrial, scientific and medical markets worldwide."
    Zymeworks Inc. - www.zymeworks.com
    From website: "Zymeworks is a privately held biosciences company developing proprietary biocatalyst (enzyme) engineering technologies to create novel process development solutions for industrial, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The cornerstone of Zymeworks' science & technology is its cutting-edge molecular modeling platform that enables the company to accurately simulate the phyiscal and chemical properties of enzymes."

  • SFU 4D LABS - www.4dlabs.ca
  • Institute of Micromachine and Microfabrication Research - www.sfu.ca/immr
  • Pacific Centre for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) - www.sfu.ca/physics/PCAMM/
  • Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL) - www.ampel.ubc.ca

  • Pangaea Ventures Ltd. - www.pangaeaventures.com

  • Nanotech.Biz


  • National:

  • National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)


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